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Animals are poor at telling us when they are not well. Therefore, it is even more important for a solid diagnosis in the veterinary practice to know the exact data of the pet and to observe measurable data such as weight over a longer period of time.

The online health dossier helps you with that. Save all your documents of your pet in one central location, get reminded about future vaccinations, track the weight of your pet and much more.

More than 1.7 million cats live in Switzerland. The association «Schweizerische Vereinigung der Katzenhaus-Freunde» takes care of ownerless animals. They are treated, medically examined and a new home is searched for them.

We support the Schweizerische Vereinigung der Katzenhaus-Freunde with a website and an association management software.


A self-hostable, open-source software to store coupons, discounts and loyalty cards. Supports several different types of barcodes.

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Commissioned Projects

The following projects were developed by us on behalf of others. Do you have an idea you want to implement? Contact us!

Process Horizon

The Process Horizon web app is an integrated process modeling tool, facilitating the modeling and documentation of comprehensive business process models using the SIPOC+ methodology across three process level layers. It provides instant visual SIPOC+ diagrams and end-to-end process maps as well as further process reports for an events-driven process chain, information flow or stakeholder analysis.

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